These are some of the things I've created in the Hammer World Editor. The screenshots here are only a small portion of what I've done with the program, since a lot of it isn't aesthetically pleasing (Which include most of the stuff I've made for Zombie Panic: Source in my earlier days of mapping). I'm still learning the features offered by the Source engine, so the things that I currently create may be a little rough.

Released Maps


This was one of the first maps that I actually released. It's for Half Life 2: Deathmatch. Some custom textures were used.



When I wanted to run a home-hosted Garry's Mod server for friends and I to mess around on, I wanted a few specific features in a map and couldn't really find them. I quickly threw something together in an afternoon which did. It's nothing too fancy, it has a grassy area for building, a round section of water for boat building and some houses for some reason I can't quite remember. The filesize isn't too large, which was important since I was hosting the map on my home internet connection.



This Zombie Panic: Source map was a "Lake" map. Lake maps usually involved a few buildings on water that the survivors would barricade themselves into. Zombies spawned outside and would have to try breaking in. Many of these maps were based off the decompiled original, though I made this one from scratch.



This was a really quick map used for small amounts of players. The water slowly rises as the game goes on, eventually getting high enough to get to the higher levels with some other weapons. It's not very balanced for the human team.



Bitehouse is an objective-based map for Zombie Panic: Source. Back in 2009 when I made it, I was running into performance issues because it was a fairly large map. I haven't tested it in a while, though it should still run.


Unfinished Maps

Half Life 2: Deathmatch Co-Op

I called it "Substation" and it had a bunch of nifty little parts, but I just stopped working on it since I didn't really have a plan and just made everything up as I went along


Something I made in a couple hours of screwing around